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C1 - Plan of the Rome areas flooded by the 1870 flooding (dwg by S.Pascolini; from M.Bencivenga and others - 1995); the picture shows the areas flooded either by river and sewer overflow
C2 - The Garibaldi project for the complete diversion of Tiber out of urban area: inside the town the river should flow in a narrow and straightened riverbed
C3 - Plan of the original Canevari project (september 23rd 1875); in order to regularize the river route it was still foreseen to eliminate the Tiberina isle
C4 - Details of some typical sections of bank walls from the Canevari project. There are clearly indicated the meagre and flooding riverbed sections, the lateral sewer header and the new Lungo Tevere road.




C5 - Demolitions for the new embankment building: a column is the only remain of a medieval building on the bank at the left of Tiberina isle, now "Lungotevere dei Pierleoni" (picture by E.R.Franz)
C6 - At the side of the embankment wall erected on the bank at the left of Tiberina isle there is the excavation to accommodate the sewer collecting header
C7 - A comparison, in this two-pictures animation (280 kb), between the arrangement of the left Tiber bank at the Tiberina isle before and after the embankments erection (pictures dated 1882 and ~1980); Ponte Fabricio is on the background 
C8 - The plaque with verses from Virgilio's Eneide located below the Aventino hill to celebrate the completion of the embankment works on 1926