In March 2013, after fifteen years, the old website has retired, leaving its place to a new website completely rewritten and renewed from both graphical and an technical points of view.

However the rapid computer evolution has brough the new website to be  obsolete in short time: today it is in fact necessary to optimize the websites to be consulted through desktop PC as well as notebooks, tablets and smartphones whose diffusion has overcome that of traditional desktop computers. The price for a lack in updating is a heavy penalty of indexing in search engines that produces, pratically, the disappearance of the website from the web.

The new website you are browsing was then rewritten using a CMS. This mandatory technical updating coincides with an important step in the life of the website site that becomes 20 years old just in this period !!

In order not to forget we publish the Homepages of the two old websites, clicking on which will open two new windows in which you can continue to browse through the old pages.