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No further news about the bridge until the century XIII, other than a mention in the Mirabilia (1144) where for the first tine it is named Pons Senatorum, probably due to a restoration at the expense of the Town Council and sponsored by the Senators.
The Tiber flood of February 1230 seriously damaged the bridge forcing the pope Gregorius IX (1227-1241) to carry out a quick restoration.
Owing to the damages caused by the flood of November 30th 1422 the pope Martinus V (1417-1431) carried out new works to strengthen the baseplates of the piers, the piers themselves and the arches they supported. Further works, probably a completion of the previous ones, were carried out just afterwards by Nicolò V (1447-1455) in sight of the 1450 Jubilee. Also if there is a previous mention of Bernardo Guidoni, biographer of the pope Gregorius IX at the beginning of the century XIII, only in the second half of the century XV the bridge appears in the maps of Rome with the name of S.Maria bridge (the first maps are by Piero del Massaio -1469 and Alessandro Strozzi -1474 in pict.2); this name probably is originated from the temple of Portunus, located at the left head of the bridge, already adapted as Christian church by Ioannes VIII (872-882) with the name of Santa Maria Secundicerio and around the middle of century XV titled to S. Maria Egiziaca.