The website
This Website took origin in 1998 from an initial idea of ​​Bruno Leoni in order to promote the knowledge of the Tiber Island. Among the goals of the author and the other scholars who have supplied their knowledge to the updating and implementation of the contents, is also the promotion of cultural, scientific and educational activities for a more complete knowledge of this element of the city of Rome so small but so important and full of interesting elements.
For this purpose great importance has been given to the new technological tools, and in particular the informatic and telematic ones of which the Internet is the most evident example, as they are powerful means that have been added, without however replacing them, the traditional forms of communication and exchange of ideas between people, but with a effectiveness and immediacy not comparable to those offered by the written or printed media.

The author
Bruno Leoni, creator and manager of this site, was born in 1950 in Rome, the city where he still lives. Graduate in mechanical engineering, he spent his entire working life in companies of the Eni Group specializing in the design and construction of industrial plants. The passion for Rome brought him to collect a rich library consisting of books and documents relating to the eternal citySince 2010 he is Active Member of the Rome Underground Association. He is author of some essays on the bridges of the Tiber Island and a volume of research and comparison on the watercolors of Roma Sparita by E.R.Franz, and was involved in educational activities at the Roman headquarters of the Iowa State University.