Works to be carried out in the 11 points stated by the 1875 Commission

1) execution of the works considered necessary at Milvio bridge in order to settle the river bottom at the limit stated by the Commission on 1871;
2) embankment of Tiber upstream Rome on the left side according to the project submitted by the Town Council; on the right following a route that, starting from the Belvedere wall, follows the right bank of the Valle dell'Inferno header and other place recognized as appropriate for local characteristics, finally joining the banks walls of the urban Tiber;
3) erection of bank walls 17 m high referred to zero level of hydrometer at Ripetta coordinate, of simple external border type, as proposed by the Commission and attached to the present decision, and designed in order that those walls will have their own and intrinsic stability independently from addition of internal reinforcements. Erection of "Lungo Tevere" [a road "along the Tiber", at its sides] at embankment top and with the ducts studied by the Commission;
4) normal riverbed width not less than 100 m measured between the lower end of the embankments; general routing of the rearranged riverbed to be studied in the executive project according to the indications of the Town Council project including the two variations attached to the relevant detailed map;
5) preservation of the Tiberina isle arranging the right branch at 70 m and the left one at 60 m in order to have there a riverbed with a total width of 130 m;
6) widening of St. Angelo bridge with a new arch-span at the right and if possible one more at the left; or with a further small arch-span at the right symmetric to the existing one at the left; demolition of Ponte Rotto, the right bridge at the Tiberina isle, as well as, Sisto bridge and consequent rebuilding with spans wide enough not to obstruct the water stream;
7) removal of the ruins and dredging of the riverbed bottom;
8) headers for the town sewage separated from the embankment, for which a dedicated project will be studied in agreement with the local government;
9) embankment downstream Rome area on the left bank in order to protect the St. Paul Basilica;
10) project of the straightening from the Civitavecchia railway bridge up to the section IV of the 1871 Commission profile;
11) study for the location of a new port in place of Ripetta one in a place deemed suitable for it.

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